I'm Moataz ELdahshan, a multi-faceted professional with experience in accounting, project management, and technology. I've worked with Orange Egypt, owned a tech company, and gained valuable insight with Total, a global energy company.

I am passionate about art and filmmaking, studied cinema, and showcased at film festivals in Egypt and abroad. As a filmmaker, NFT producer, and owner of Mediagraphy for Art Production in Egypt, I'm Proud to be a member of the Egyptian Film Professions Syndicate in the film directing division.

I won first place in the worldwide Caltex photography competition with my innovative concept.

I am actively involved in the modern technological art revolution, creating digital artworks using Blockchain-based NFT technology in WEB3.

I am proud to share that I have achieved my weight loss goal of shedding 25 kilograms by prioritizing my health through healthy eating, weight lifting, walking, and cycling. I believe in the significance of striking a balance between my work and responsibilities to my loved ones and spending quality time with my mother and brothers.

I am driven by an unwavering passion for work and artistic innovation, which motivates me to collaborate with others and contribute to their projects. These experiences not only fuel my cultural growth but also inspire my artistic endeavors, sharing my art brings me joy and fosters constructive discussions.
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