As an Egyptian living in Egypt, my goal is to bring oriental and Egyptian art to the world of Web3 using NFT. My ancient ancestors were the first to invent fine art by drawing themselves and their lifestyles on the walls of their temples and tombs. From that, we learned visual art and the value of documenting it to transmit it to future generations. We also got to know their music through the forms of instruments used, which we discovered from their sculpture on the walls of temples and tombs. This is where the major role of NFT comes in.

Ever since I discovered my artistic philosophy, I have been nurturing it by following my feelings and intuition. My approach is to create what I see and hear inside me with my eyes closed as if it were real. The inspiration for my art comes from the talks and events that happen around me in the real world. Everything that happens around us, everything we see and hear, can be used as raw material for creating art.

My ideas are the most important raw material for art. However, I understand that they are not valuable until they are refined and developed in collaboration with my team. This process helps to ensure that the final product is unique, distinctive and has a competitive edge. My goal is to create something that adds value to the world of art, rather than contributing to the already-existing clutter of unimportant creations.

This is evident on the "portfolio" page, where my project ideas showcase originality and distinction.

I believe that my artistic inspiration comes not only from other artists, but also from all living beings on Earth, and from the activities of nature. To me, the world is like a giant canvas, and we are the brushes and colors that interact with it. As the late Egyptian artist Youssef Wahby once said, "The world is nothing but a large theatre.".

I invite investors and art enthusiasts to explore my work, and please feel free to contact me to discuss how we can collaborate and add value to the realm of art."
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