With 9 days to go, Immerse yourself in the melodies of the Nile.
Check out https://twtr.to/ng3Aj to learn more about "Mythical Sands".

SEP 30, 2023

Only 10 sunsets left until the first NFT Egyptian music album "Mythical Sands" graces your ears!
Dive into the world of Egyptian NFT music. Let the journey begin!
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SEP 29, 2023

NFT by moataz.film is a Digital certificate for one-of-a-kind digital treasure.

SEP 22, 2023

NFT technology with moataz.film is like a digital certificate of ownership.
Imagine you have a unique, magical painting that everyone loves.
With NFT, you can prove that it's yours, just like showing off a trophy.

SEP 21, 2023

Discover the cradle of art in Egypt,
where the roots of fine art and charming music began in ancient temples and tombs.
Get ready to experience the magic of Egypt like never before...
through NFT with moataz.film .

SEP 19, 2023

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