Listen up, music lovers! There's a cool new NFT album called "Mythical Sands" that mixes ancient Egyptian melodies with modern beats. It's a musical journey that connects the past and future. This album has 5 unique tracks that blend old-school Oriental vibes with current rhythms and harmonies. "Mythical Sands" uses NFT technology in a new way to share the mystical spirit of Egypt through music. Each song tells a story that transcends time by fusing tradition with innovation. If you're into new sounds that get you grooving, you've gotta check out this groundbreaking NFT album! It's where the echoes of history meet the pulse of what's next.
Come vibe with "Mythical Sands"!
Roadmap and Collector Benefits for Mythical Sands

* We aim to drop dope Egyptian and Oriental tunes as NFTs in WEB3. We want you to be able to vibe out, own, and invest in this music.

* All of's collectors are eligible for the Presale of this sound.

* Each collector of any one of five tracks of 'Mythical Sands' will be added to our 'MS-ReMix Presale' list, allowing them to mint the Unique Remix of 'Mythical Sands' for a Special price on January 15th, before it goes on sale. The Presale period will last for two weeks, after which the sale will begin in February. Follow ūĚēŹ¬†for marketplace updates.

* This album has five tracks: Pharaonic, Aratasia, Farha, Ayoup, and Saidi. They showcase different Oriental music styles.

* The five tracks of the Mythical Sands album will be released weekly starting in November 2023. Get ready for this weekly journey. Each track is a masterpiece, limited to just 888 editions! Collect your piece of history, blending ancient Egypt vibes with the future. Act fast before they're gone!

* We're building a unique community for our fans and collectors. Soon, you'll have access to exclusive artist content, live concerts, interviews, metaverse events, airdrops, unreleased music, and more.

* 'Mythical Sands' is just the beginning of our enchanting Oriental music odyssey. Its exotic melodies and rhythms are just a teaser for what's to come. In 2024, we'll release a fresh new Oriental NFT track every other week.

Get hype!
Come vibe with "Mythical Sands"!
Learn more about the music and watch behind-the-scenes
PHARAONIC,¬†emerges as the cornerstone of the "Mythical Sands" album, transporting listeners to the heart of ancient Egypt's mystique. Crafted within the Hujaz Kar musical maqam, this track embodies the very essence of a bygone era. A seamless blend of the harp's celestial tones, the Rababa's resonant new Egyptian harp notes, the flute's ethereal whispers, and the Mezmar‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč's haunting timbre creates an auditory tapestry that mirrors the grandeur of Pharaohs' courts. Set against the rhythmic backdrop of the "Timpani Orchestra," the track mirrors the regal cadence of an ancient procession, infusing every beat with historical significance.¬†PHARAONIC not only pays homage to the musical treasures of ancient Egypt but also unlocks the timeless connection between music and cultural expression in that era. This track magnificently resonates with the opulent symphonies that once adorned temples and palaces, offering a window into the past while forging a melodic bridge to the digital age.‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč
ARATASIA, the second jewel within the "Mythical Sands" album, embarks on an enchanting journey that defies musical boundaries. This track unfurls its mesmerizing tale through the eloquent voices of Qanun, Oud, Flute, and Violin, instruments that seamlessly interlace to forge a symphonic tapestry of rare splendor. Drawing from the distinctive FOX rhythm, "ARATASIA" entwines itself within the intricate Maqam of Naw Athar and Ajam. Intriguingly, the term "Ajam" aptly encapsulates the essence of this track, it defies conventional oriental norms by embracing a melody that seems to transcend cultural borders. The result is an extraordinary composition that delicately balances the familiarity of oriental instruments with an irresistibly exotic allure. "ARATASIA" captures a rare harmony, reminiscent of a linguistic mosaic where foreign words are given voice through familiar tongues. With every note, this track unveils the alluring beauty that arises when melodies step out of their comfort zones, echoing the charm of the unfamiliar while resonating with the soul of the oriental.
FARHA, the third gem nestled within the "Mythical Sands" album, casts a radiant spell, channeling jubilation and optimism through every resonant note. This composition emerges as a sonic tapestry meticulously woven by the melodic threads of Oud and Violin. However, what sets FARHA apart is the audacious innovation with which the Qanun is employed. A groundbreaking departure from its traditional role, the Qanun is plucked and strummed, as if it were a Guitar, ushering in a symphony of chords hitherto unexplored. This track finds its rhythm in the Songo pattern, infusing each note with an infectious groove that beckons the heart to dance. Rooted in the Nahawand Maqam, renowned for its emotional resonance, FARHA is an embodiment of joy, tenderness, and boundless optimism. It weaves a tapestry of emotion, capturing moments of elation and the pure essence of heartfelt happiness. As the Qanun gracefully steps into a new role, "FARHA" becomes a harmonious testament to the uncharted territories that music can explore, crafting a jubilant melody that resonates deeply with the human spirit.
AYOUB, the fourth opus within the "Mythical Sands" album, unveils a captivating realm where Flute and Torah take center stage, resonating with the evocative spirit of oriental mystique. These two instruments, often the protagonists of dazzling Tanura dances, fuse their voices to conjure a harmonious dialogue that captivates the soul. Set against the backdrop of Hozam's Maqam, a place where the souls find respite, this track weaves a poignant tale that transcends mere lamentation.¬†AYOUB unfolds to the rhythm of Ayoub, a cadence that has reverberated through religious chants and Sufi sessions, evoking a meditative introspection. It mirrors the monologues of the heart‚ÄĒexpressions that neither wallow in complaint nor cry out in despair. Instead, the track becomes a sanctuary for inner contemplation, a sanctuary where the Flute and Torah intertwine to craft a melody that speaks to the core of human experience. AYOUB is a profound narrative that delves into the realms of the soul's dialogue, echoing the whispers of innermost thoughts through the language of timeless music.
SAIDI, the triumphant finale within the "Mythical Sands" album, transports us to the vibrant heart of southern Egypt's cultural tapestry. This track reverberates with the harmonious convergence of Rababa (harp) and the soulful Mezmar, a beloved instrument that echoes the spirit of this region. Resonating with the Egyptian Saidi rhythm, SAIDI¬†invites us to embrace the vivacious energy of the Tahteeb dance‚ÄĒa tradition characterized by spirited movements with sticks and horses.¬†Enveloped by the resounding embrace of the Hijaz and Bayati Maqam, SAIDI becomes a jubilant anthem of joy and mirth. The Bayati Maqam, renowned for its ability to stir the heartstrings of listeners, compels heads to sway and spirits to soar. As the Rababa and Mezmar join forces, this track transforms into an exuberant celebration of life, inviting us to partake in the vibrant festivities of southern Egypt. SAIDI stands as a testament to the unifying power of music, bridging cultures, and generations, as it exuberantly encapsulates the heart and soul of a timeless dance that has danced through the ages.
Moataz Eldahshan conceived the concept and envisioned the overall mood of the album, while Mohamed Salah took charge of creating its music. Together, they teamed up with a group of highly talented Egyptian musicians to make their vision a reality.

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